Fihalhohi Island Resort is located on the western rim of the South Male Atoll in the Island Group of the Maldives. The Maldives itself are made up of approximately 1200 small islands, placed like pearls on a necklet along a line of Atolls.

What to do on the maldives?

It is very odd. People who plan their visit on the maldives tend to think: I am going to get bored, staying a few weeks on such tiny islands. Once you set your foot on any island, these fears seem to disappear miraculously. Excursions are being cancelled due to missing participants, badminton courts, ping pong plates, surf boards, catamarans none of these sport goods are usually being frequently used. The right question is: what am I doing at home to feel so stressed during my leisure time? On the maldives pure relaxation is action enough. Just experience a new way of life. You have never been more relaxed after any holiday.

What to do on Fihalhohi?

Fihalhohi is famous for its housereef. You can go diving, just about 10m off the beach. Especially, but not only for the beginning diver, Fihalhohi offers one of the best housereefs in the whole Maldives. Smooth descending reefs and sand plateaus are found, as are steep drop offs. Divers and snorkelers alike enjoy the easy to enter housereef that is never further from the beach than approximately 100m.

But snorkelling and diving is not the only activity on Fihalhohi. The island offers badminton, Beachvolleyball, sailing, surfing, catamarans, kite surfing, a huge lot of interesting excursions, such as the dolphin reef, snorkelling safari, island hopping, a visit of the worlds smallest capital Male, a round flight by maldivian air taxi, and so on. Actually there is no reason why anybody could ever feel inactive.